Conversion Procedure for DIY Enthusiasts

  1. Carryout or seek professional help on any major structural work. Fit a high top roof, side windows, access doors, roof vents, etc. This will ensure any excessive dust, iron fillings or surplus adhesives can be thoroughly cleaned off.
  2. Shape and temporarily fit the plywood floor, side and roof internal panels using 12mm floor ply and 3mm ply wall board.
  3. Build up a furniture kit to fit up to the vehicle side walls noting these are not straight and vertical so a great number of test fittings will be required to complete. Ensure adequate space is left to accept the bed arrangement and all potential appliances can be accommodated.
  4. Cut any access holes, vents, flue terminals, electrical and water inlets. Install any electrical cables, pipes, etc., which need to be hidden behind the wall boards.
  5. Remove wall boards and insulate between the panels, trim panels and re-fit along with the floor and secure. Apply floor covering of your choice.
  6. Fit furniture along with any related appliances and fix to floor.
  7. Fit electrical distribution units, lights, water systems and gas pipes.
  8. Install bed system, upholstery, curtains, blinds & fly nets.
  9. Check all appliances and systems for safety and operation. This may require professional involvement
  10. Complete conversion by fitting and checking all catches, clips, straps, etc.