4-way stretch lining carpet - Barley

4-way stretch lining carpet - Barley

Price: £9.00 Inc. VAT

Product description

Our 4-way stretch lining carpet is the same material that we use on our own conversions meaning that we are confident that this product will leave you with a smooth, professional looking finish, is easy to work with and ideal for lining the walls of campervans, motorhomes, horse boxes and many other leisure vehicles.

The material can be moulded around tricky areas such as wheel arches and window frames and can achieve some stunning results when matched with contrasting colours from our range of floor coverings.

Material is sold by the linear metre, i.e. 1m x 2m.

We are also happy to sell complete rolls of material. Full rolls are 80m² (40m long x 2m wide) Please call us on 01246 471199 should you want to purchase a complete roll.