Thetford111 Sink/Hob Combination Unit Florenz Tap KIT

Thetford111 Sink/Hob Combination Unit Florenz Tap KIT

Price: £348.00 Inc. VAT

Product description

The Thetford111 Sink/Hob combination unit features a recessed 2 burner hob and a sink housed under a stylish black tempered glass lid. The unit is also fitted with anti-vibration rattle free built-in pan support and captive burners.

All our kits come with the necessary fittings, connections and tubing to cover the gas and water supply to and from the chosen combination unit as well as a cutting template on the box and an easy to follow wiring diagram for the water pump.


Our kit contains:

  • Thetford111 Sink/Hob combination unit
  • Comet Florenz tap
  • Sink waste and plug
  • Waste outlet socket
  • Comet submersible pump 10ltr per minute
  • 1.5 metres of Black convoluted waste water pipe
  • 1.5 metres of Blue fresh water hose (food grade)
  • 0.5 metre of Flexible gas hose 8mm
  • 1.5 metres of Copper gas pipe 8mm
  • Camping gas regulator
  • 8mm Compression fitting
  • 8mm Bulkhead nozzle (from 8mm copper to orange flex)
  • Gas drop out vent
  • 4x 8mm P clips
  • 4x 16mm P clips
  • 4x 25mm P clips
  • Gas bottle strap
  • 4x 8-16mm Jubilee clips
  • 2x 14-22mm Jubilee clips
  • 1x 10 litre Water container

This kit has been put together based upon our experience and the most popular installations fitted by our trade and DIY customers.

Our kits can also be tailored to your particular needs. Please contact us to order any extra hose should our standard kit not supply enough.