VW T5/T6 Dometic Awnings


VW Transporter T5 - T6 Side Awnings!
Dometic PW1000 Canopy / Awning, INCLUDING FITTING BRACKETS
Available In colour - SILVER, BLACK, WHITE.
Canvas colour GREY.
Available For SWB (2.6) or LWB (3.0)
This PW1000 awning from Dometic is great value and includes all the kit required for fitting to your Volkswagen T5 or T6 campervan.
The PW1000 features a compact housing in anthracite (Black) Anodised (SILVER) or White, and a grey cloth canopy.
Dometic have patented innovative features including a unique rail system to guarantee a 100% tight closing, and an easy lock flipper system for the canopy support legs. The full kit specifically for your VW T5 or T6 campervan, in addition to the standard kit included with the PW1000 canopy awning such as the telescopic crank handle for quick and easy winding.


  • Compact awning housing,
  • Plastic end caps
  • Patented awning rail system guarantees 100% tight closing
  • High-quality awning cloth canopy with no welding seam
  • Awning canopy support legs with patented Easy lock Flipper system
  • Telescopic PerfectWall awning crank handle

Some of you may not know that Dometic bought a company called Omnistor who were renowned for making the best awnings on the market for years, Dometic have made the most of the quality and strength of the parts and brought in a fantastic looking external case.

Side Awnings are a great asset to any Van / Campervan, they take seconds to wind out and just as quick to wind back in.

SPECIAL PRICE (whilst stocks last)

All prices include mounting brackets.